Wear & Care

Get the most out of your SMART TECH equipment be following these simple care instructions and for further information regarding warranty, please follow this article.


The SMARTBAND is designed for years of use, however like any product that is produced from a soft material, it can deteriorate over time. All resistance bands will show signs of wear due to the nature of use and the surfaces they interact with. SMARTBANDs that show signs of surface wear (blisters, peeling or delamination) are considered to be within normal wear and tear and do not mean that the band will prematurely break.

Any SMARTBAND that breaks, rips or otherwise fails due to a manufacturing defect will be covered by our warranty for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. Normal wear and tear is not covered under this warranty.
A video showing use and care can be found here.


Always make sure the risers are clicked into the deck to ensure a secure platform. HORIZONTAL USE - A maximum of 6 risers may be used under the SMARTSTEP deck at each end. Follow the assembly instructions when attaching risers.

INCLINE USE - For all incline uses, one end of the deck must be resting on the floor. To use the SMARTSTEP on an incline, position one end of the deck on the floor, and the other correctly on the riser(s) by placing the recess of the deck on the rim of the top riser (see warranty document for visuals). Up to four risers may be stacked under one end of the deck for supine and prone bench incline work (lying on deck) to achieve a range of incline angles.

PROPULSIVE WORK (Springing off the deck) - We recommend limiting the incline to one riser high (a single riser under one side of the deck). Using more than one riser for propulsive work may lead to injury.

A video showing this process can be found here.


The SMARTBAR & weight plates are designed for many years of use. We stand behind our materials and manufacturing and provide a 3-year warranty (from the date of purchase) for manufacturing faults caused by material or labor.

Proper care and maintenance of the SMARTBAR is required (like any other product) to ensure proper functionality. The following guidelines should prolong the life of your SMARTBAR and reduce wear or likelihood of injury. We are not responsible for any damage or injury due to misuse or the failure to properly assemble the SMARTBAR. 

The SMARTBAR should always be loaded and unloaded in the horizontal position. Do not place the SMARTBAR bar on its end vertically to load or unload weight plates.

TO LOAD - Rest the SMARTBAR horizontally on the floor. Slide the SMARTBAR weight plates into the gator head, ensuring that the weight plates lock securely into place. Load weight plates one by one up to a maximum of three weight plates (of any weight) on each side. Load weights from largest to smallest so that the heaviest weight sits on the inside of the gator (i.e. closest to where it attaches to the bar).

TO UNLOAD - To release a weight plate, lay the SMARTBAR bar horizontally on the floor. Pull the red handle towards the centre of the bar, then slide the weight plate off the bar. Where possible, we recommend pulling back on both sides of the red handle to help release the weight plates. Remove weights one by one.

The maximum weight SMARTBAR is designed to hold is 45kg. Three (3) weight plates can clip in at once on each end, with the largest plates on the inside closest to the gator handle and smallest plates on the outside, ie maximum loading on each end is 22.5kg with multiple weight plate variations possible. High intensity, accelerated moves are considered extreme (eg GRIT STRENGTH accelerated clean & press). Loading above 45kg could result in a bent bar. Use under these conditions will fall outside our manufacturer warranty.

A video showing this process can be found here.


We recommend regularly cleaning the SMARTBAR using water and a mild soap or detergent. Apply the diluted soap/detergent solution to a soft (lint free) cloth and then apply to the barbell. When cleaning the gator heads, please ensure that the cleaning solution does not seep in between parts or into mechanisms. Please do not spray any cleaning solution directly onto the SMARTBAR. An excess of liquid in the gator heads can result in long term exposure to concentrated cleaning solution which can have an effect on the performance and safety of the SMARTBAR.

Using chemical cleaning products is not currently recommended – the variance of ingredients between different cleaners (and how each reacts to the materials and components in the equipment) means that there is not yet a simple answer to which chemical cleaner is safe to use – but we are working on finding an acceptable option.

Please remember our warranty covers cleaning as has been described above – SMARTBARs that are damaged due to other cleaning methods are not covered under our warranty.


GENERAL USE - Keep the MBX Mat away from sharp items. If you are wearing shoes when using the MBX Mat, ensure they are clean and do not have any sharp items within the tread. Avoid wearing hard or sharp accessories such as metal buttons, rivets, zippers etc. that may damage the MBX Mat.

If you are not wearing shoes when using the MBX Mat, ensure your hands and feet are clean.
A video showing use and care can be found here.

CLEANING - Regularly clean the MBX Mat by gently washing with water and a few drops of mild dish soap using a soft sponge. Hang the MBX Mat to dry. Ensure the MBX Mat is fully dry before rolling or folding to store it. Do not use high heat to dry the MBX Mat.

Further information can be found here.