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Joining a gym vs. Working out at home: which should you do?
While joining a gym is convenient, many people end up paying for a membership they rarely use. Setting up a home gym is another option, but it's easy to get distracted by chores and other tasks. Today, we’ll compare joining a gym vs. working out at home to find which one best suits your lifestyle.
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Woman exercising using a TRX suspension trainer
In the world of TRX training, we believe in dispelling myths to empower women on their fitness journeys. By understanding the truths behind common misconceptions, you can approach your workouts with confidence and purpose. Remember, it's not about conforming to unrealistic ideals; it's about embracing your strength, resilience, and the incredible potential within you.
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The TRX Quick Start Guide!

TRX suspension training engages multiple muscles at once, helping to improve core stability and balance. It's adaptable for all fitness levels, thanks to adjustable straps that modify the difficulty.

If you are struggling with what exercises to do, this guide has you covered and all you will need is three simple tools: TRX Suspension Trainer, YBell/ hand weights, and Bandit.

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