4 Ways to Use the TRX Bandit for the best workout at home!

4 Ways to Use the TRX Bandit for the best workout at home!

Our TRX Range is growing and with that, we wanted to introduce the TRX® Bandit

TRX® has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to creating workout gear that goes where you go. It’s part of the brand’s identity. The newest small-but-mighty star on the team is the TRX Bandit™, and it will change the way you think about strength bands. To help you get started, we’ve got suggestions for four ways you can use Bandit for the ultimate on-the-go workout.

But first, meet the Bandit!

The Bandit is a universal-fit, ergonomic handle that attaches to one - or more - strength bands to improve comfort, control, and performance in band exercises. If you’ve been avoiding strength bands because you don’t like heavy-gauge rubber digging into your palms, the Bandit is a game-changer. Slide on the Bandit, and suddenly your workout mentality changes from “How do I position this band so it doesn’t hurt my hands?” to “How many reps can I crank out today?”

TRX Strength Bands are long, continuous loop bands that can be used for strength training exercises like squats or rows, as an aid in pull-ups, or for injury rehab. They’re usually about three feet long and at least ¼-inch thick. TRX Strength Bands come with assigned weight ranges from XXXL (that’s extra-extra-extra-light, or 5-15 pounds of resistance) to H, (which is heavy, or 60-150 pounds of resistance).

Bandit is designed as a handle for Strength Bands, helping you turn an unassuming rubber loop into a where-did-that-burn-come-from strength training solution. It can slide over most strength bands to give you greater control over your movement and a more comfortable grip.

man performing a TRX bandit leg exercise

What can you actually do with the Bandit?

The short answer? Pretty much every kind of strength training exercise you could want. But since “it’s great for everything” isn’t especially specific or helpful, we’ve broken down four ways you can use the Bandit wherever you go, along with a sample circuit for each scenario.


When you pass your days trapped inside your home or office or car, what’s the thing you long for most? More time outside! Toss your Bandit Kit in your backpack or small waist bag—yes, it will fit —and get ready for a full body burn wherever you go. 


If you’ve got a basketball goal, fence post, door knob, or tree available as a static point, try looping your Strength Band around the “anchor,” then threading one end of the band through the other to tighten it. Once your band is anchored, slide your Bandit onto the free end. Your band is now set up to do many of the same rotational moves you do with the TRX RIP Trainer™, like Woodchoppers and Trunk Rotations.


Workouts are more fun with friends, and Strength Bands are perfect for partner workouts on the go. Share a band (and your Bandits) with your partner, and stand facing each other for single-side rows. Work on core strength and stability and tone your triceps by sharing a band for standing-facing-away tricep extensions.


Your body loves when you mix things up. Falling back on the same exercises and modalities day after day is guaranteed to land you in a fitness rut. Switching up modalities, like adding Bandit exercises into your TRX Suspension Training™ routine, keeps things fresh. 

With all Bandit purchases, these come with a free 7-day TRX TRAINING CLUB trial, so log in and take advantage of the full library of live and on-demand classes. It’s not just Straps and Bandits on TTC. You can do RIP Training, bodyweight blasts, kettlebells, and more.

You don’t need a lot of expensive equipment or a massive space to get a ridiculously good workout. Whether you gravitate toward the TRX Suspension Trainer, the Bandit, or both, the ultimate on-the-go workout can be just as challenging as anything you’ll try in a fully-loaded gym. Grab a partner. Go outside. Set up next to the air conditioner in your hotel. How you train is up to you.

TRX has built the tools; you bring the sweat.

At Blue Fitness we stock a range of TRX products including the Bandit which is the perfect at-home work out essential that is light, easy to use and takes up next to ZERO space in your house - check out the range here!

 **Blog has been adapted from the official TRX site**