How TRX Training can improve your Balance, Flexibility, and Strength

How TRX Training can improve your Balance, Flexibility, and Strength

With the newest additional of TRX to our equipment portfolio, we felt it would be great to introduce the TRX, its benefits and why you should include it as part of your workout.

So, let’s start from the beginning, what is a TRX?

Basically, TRX is short for 'total body resistance exercise' and uses suspension training for a complete, full body workout. According to the TRX website, suspension training is for everyone. It uses simple equipment and provides effective workouts. All you need is the TRX Suspension Trainer and your body weight.

TRX Suspension trainer

It is a common misconception that lifting weights is the only way to build muscle and strength. So when it comes to hanging on straps it is hard to believe that by doing this you will get the same results as traditional resistance training while improving balance and flexibility.

TRX suspension training uses a simplified approach based on seven basic movements: Push, pull, plank, rotate, hinge, lunge, and squat.

The TRX allows you to unload bodyweight while doing specific movements. By unloading some bodyweight, it is possible to safely move through a greater range of motion.

TRX Suspension kit

Studies have shown TRX training to be an effective way to build muscle, strength, improve stability, and cardiovascular health. It really comes down to exercise preference and what keeps you coming back for more workouts.

Research published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine indicates TRX training produces similar muscle and strength adaptions as traditional weight lifting.

TRX Suspension trainer

The study was conducted on 36 healthy active men who exercised two to three times per week. Traditional circuit and weightlifting were compared to TRX and BOSU training for seven weeks. The following results were discovered:

Both TRX training and traditional weight lifting are shown to have positive benefits to weight maintenance and strength building, however with the TRX you can not only use at home to train both inside and outside, store it easily & also travel with it due to its lightweight size.

TRX Suspension trainer

Many regular exercisers incorporate both traditional weight lifting and TRX training as part of their workout regimen as by using the TRX, you will be able to incorporate many stretch exercises to increase flexibility all while gaining strength.

Alternating the training is said to be a good way to work your muscles in stable and unstable conditions to help with balance and overall vitality. 

If you are thinking about adding a TRX to your home workout but have a few questions, please connect with our team now as we are more than happy to help!