Top 3 reasons to take your workout outside this year!

Top 3 reasons to take your workout outside this year!

Summer is coming and it is time to break out of the cage and explore the world at large starting with taking your workouts outdoors.

Being outside is not just good for your body and your mind but it’s good for your soul! As humans we are meant to spend time outdoors in nature, it's what generates happiness.

Les Mills instructors out walking

1: Sunlight Is Good for Your Brain…

Sunlight activates the production of a special brain chemical called serotonin.  Serotonin has been shown to boost mood, reduce anxiety and produce a sense of calm and focus in people, so if choosing to take an online class - move it into your garden and reap the benefits. 

Did you know that exercising outdoors multiplies the serotonin surge because performing any aerobic exercise itself will trigger serotonin to be released by brain cells? 

When you think back to anytime you have struggled outdoors during physical exercise, despite it being tough – it feels great, right?! You may feel exhausted but also relaxed, refreshed, revived. That’s a double shot of serotonin flooding your brain with feel good hormones.

TRX being used outdoors on the beach

2: You’ll Train More Than Your Muscles

Training outside stimulates the senses improving focus and concentration. Whether you’re running on an urban sidewalk, training a TRX workout or Les Mills + workout, the constantly changing outdoor environment enhances the workout experience and reduces the monotony of training indoors.

On top of this, training outdoors can also improve your focus as natural environments have unique, diverse, scenery which capture our attention, rather than a gym setting or your living room according to a 2014 study published in the Frontiers In Psychology.

Les Mills pump class outdoors

3: More energy!!

This is probably the best one and that’s why we saved it until last. Exposure to the outside world can increase our energy much more than an indoor facility can!

A study published in Huffington post described how great nature is for vitality. The outdoors keeps people feeling rejuvenated and enthusiastic, one of nature’s many gifts. Even a 10-minute brisk walk during your lunch break will help you to feel much more awake for the rest of your day!

TRX workout outdoors. Man suspension training

Venturing outdoors for a walk does amazing things for your health and wellbeing. Les Mills Program Director Rachael Newsham walks outside for at least an hour each day. “My walking allows me to dream, it’s like planning time and active meditation. I love that I can zone out and just be in touch with nature. Sometimes I have no podcasts, no music, no nothing – I’m there just walking. Other times I’m listening to podcasts to educate myself or listening to my music for new workouts.”

Man performing Function training outdoors

At Blue Fitness we have the option for everyone, from Les Mills SMARTTECH equipment to TRX home workout bundles, a small amount of equipment can set you up for a Summer of fitness and feeling amazing!