Using bodyweight only with TRX®

Using bodyweight only with TRX®

The team at TRX® are awesome when it comes to everything you need to know about bodyweight training, so we have popped this blog together inspired by one of their recent publications (original article can be found here)

Did you know that everything you need to become the strongest version of yourself is already with you? Using fitness equipment is great but through this blog we want to chat about why bodyweight training is just as good - if not better - check out the TRX Suspension Trainer™ to find out more. 

You can easily produce a heart-pounding, muscle-pumping workout without any equipment at all. 

Upper Bodyweight STRONG

Why do bodyweight workouts work so well?

Remember the quote “The best workout is the one you do”? This is exactly what a bodyweight workout is. Using just a few basic bodyweight moves, you can always build a workout, no matter where you are. 

Most bodyweight exercises are actually full-body exercises, so bodyweight workouts are super-efficient to pick up a great sweat, burn calories and tone up quickly. If you fancy trying it for yourself, try 50 squats followed by 1 minute planks for 10-15 minutes. 

The goal of exercise—other than feeling great—is to increase endurance, strength, mobility, stability, and flexibility.  Bodyweight workouts can do all of those things.

Why use a TRX®?

The team behind TRX® have stated, ''Trainers, physical therapists, and wellness professionals don’t just take your word when you say, “Hey, I built this thing and it can help you increase strength and mobility.” No, you have to have science and expertise behind those claims. So we got that expertise. 

We worked with a lot of people with a lot of letters behind their names to prove that our methods work. We’re talking PhDs and MDs and PTs; ACE, ACSM, and NASM-certified pros;  definitely a few JDs; maybe even a DDS or DVM. Who knows? 

Safe, efficient movement became our mission. 

It’s true: We make really good tools for fitness. But more than anything, we’re committed to helping people move.'' - The team at TRX.

So with that it is proven that you can build muscle with a bodyweight workout - HOORAY!

If we want to get scientific - there are two components to building muscle: Muscle protein breakdown (MPB) and muscle protein synthesis (MPS). You increase your muscle mass through exercise when the MPS is greater than the MPB. 


Overall, bodyweight powers the TRX Suspension Trainer!

Bodyweight is one of the elements that makes the TRX Suspension Trainer so effective. In the most simple terms, TRX Straps are a tool for changing the angle of a bodyweight exercise, whether that means upgrading or downgrading it.


By using the Suspension Trainer, this can make any exercise tougher by putting additional resistance on the body.


In conclusion, bodyweight exercises are a fantastic way to start training, get fitter and become a healthier version of yourself and can be done with NO equipment whatsoever.

The TRX Suspension Trainer however, can be the perfect addition to your exercise regime and even better can be taken with you anywhere so you can keep up your routine. It is challenging, produces great results and is at a price point that will not break the bank.

Here at Blue Fitness, we have a full range of TRX in stock and a friendly team ready to answer any questions you have. Connect with us now or check out our full range here.