10kg black and red smartbar weight
black and red weight plates on les mills smart bar
man using weight plates on les mills smartbar

Les Mills SMARTBAR™ 10kg Weight Plate

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The LES MILLS SMARTBAR™ Generation 2 Weight Plate is ideal for use in the gym or at home. The unique square design keeps the SMARTBAR stable and stops it from rolling away between sets.

The ergonomic handle and textured grip zones make the weight plate easy and comfortable to use as a hand weight, allowing you to lift more weight confidently and safely.

This also allows the weight plate to seamlessly lock in and out of the SMARTBAR ‘gator’. This functionality means you need less equipment and allows you to quickly increase or decrease weight load during a workout, without losing momentum.

  • 10kg weight plate (x1) 

Purchase is for a single weight plate only.