TRX® Anchor Strap
TRX® Anchor Strap

TRX® Anchor Strap

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We are awaiting shipment of our TRX equipment. This is due in towards the end of October. All orders will be shipped as soon as we receive this. 
Take your TRX® Suspension Trainer™ outside with the Suspension Anchor—just loop it around a tree, basketball pole, fence, or wherever your travels take you, clip on your straps and start training. Create a gym with a view.

Multiple adjustment points give you options. Need even more length? Pair it up with our TRX® Xtender.


  • Adjustable and accommodates anchor heights of 7-9ft
  • Durable- can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Enables a full range of motion
  • Wrap it around an overhead anchor point and clip any Suspension Trainer to the bottom loop to begin training
  • Can be used with or without TRX Xtender

This product includes a 12 month warranty and shipping is included countrywide.

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